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Methaqualone is a sedative that increases the activity of the GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system.

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Quaaludes for sale. Methaqualone 300mg was sold under the brand name Quaalude and sometimes stylized “Quāālude” in the United States and Mandrax in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. Methaqualone is a сеntrаl nеrvоuѕ ѕуѕtеm depressant thаt асtѕ аѕ a sedative and  hypnotic. Hypnotics аrе drugѕ that іnduсе sleep. We have thе rеаl ріllѕ, nоt pressed. Mаnufасturеd іn the USA, асtіvе іngrеdіеnt іѕ thе Methaqualone 300 mg. Sо іf уоu rеаllу wаnt to hаvе a tаѕtе of the fаmоuѕ ԛuааludеѕ, then Ketamine Guru is your stop shop. You can buy from us with or without a prescription (Rx) and we offer %100 discreet packaging and fast reliable shipping worldwide with tracking numbers made available as well.

With over 20 years of Trust and experience, we stand as USA #1 supplier for lemmon 714 pills. Buy quaaludes online without any fear. We have Quaaludes for sale at a cost-effective price and have it delivered right up to your door steps without any hassle. All you are required to do is place your order now and pay for it and we shall deliver forthwith.


Methaqualone (Quaaludes for sale) is a sedative that increases the activity of the GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system. When GABA activity is increased, blood pressure drops and the breathing and pulse rates slow, leading to a state of deep relaxation. These properties explain why methaqualone was originally mainly prescribed for insomnia. Methaqualone peaks in the bloodstream within several hours, with a half-life of 20–60 hours. Regular users build up a physical tolerance, requiring larger doses for the same effect. Overdose can lead to nervous system shutdown, coma and death. Quaaludes for sale.


  • Methaqualone (quaaludes for sale) is not recommended for use while pregnant and is in pregnancy category D.
  • Methaqualone is also restricted for minors/children and patients.
  • Methaqualone is restricted from being consumed with alcohol.


As the dose increases, feelings become more intense and can cause dangerous physical effects on the body. This drug was often abused with alcohol and created a “drunken, sleepy high.” Usually, the effects begin after 30 minutes and last up to 6 hours. We supply in Sealed Bottles of 100 Pills each. Buy quaaludes online today and feel like Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street movie.

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72 reviews for QUAALUDES FOR SALE (LEMMON 714)

  1. Joseph Levi

    Service is efficient and price is right.

  2. Victoria

    Very easy site to navigate
    Very easy site to navigate. Pleasant people to speak with whenever I need assistance with any medication!
    Highly recommend!:)

  3. Madisson

    Great service and friendly people who…
    Great service and friendly people who are always upfront about my order status.

  4. Carter Julian

    Good service with quality products @…
    Good service with quality products @ great prices, what else is there to say, JH

  5. Luke Asher

    Original pills, just like those years back
    Good service.

  6. Luke Asher

    Excellent customer service.

  7. Layla Chloe

    The best supplier service in the world.

  8. Riley Zoey

    You guys are amazing
    thanks for letting me have a taste of this again after decades.

  9. Lincoln

    Great service and expedient.

  10. Eleanor Grace

    I was charged extra $100 just for overnight shipping.
    Too high

  11. Nora

    i’m enjoying this pills like old times.

  12. Gabriel Isaac

    My delivery was too slow

  13. Leo Jayden

    great business
    prices are excellent ,service is awesome, delivery is superb all and all great business to deal with Thank You very much

  14. Zachariah Casey

    Fast delivery,and great products!

  15. Anthony Wells

    Speedy shipping, will order again
    Great product, excellent service. Will for sure order again for you guys.

  16. Hannah

    This company has been very easy to work…
    This company has been very easy to work with and very responsive by email and also phone. Of course, the prices are much lower than others

  17. Phillip Ryland

    Top service
    Excelent products
    Fast delivery
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    #1 company.
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    Great company and my goods were UK!
    I found this company through a Google search and am so pleased that I did. The builders buckets were delivered super quick and at a great price. These are also made in the UK and are good quality. Much better than a major DIY chain has to offer.

  19. Hazel

    Professional/Prompt Service
    Always prompt and professional when confirming an order. Quick delivery as well.

  20. Hudson Dylan

    Absolutely blown away with these and this purchase! Exceeded my expectations and arrived in less.then 2 days! Will be back for more!!

  21. Liam Noah

    I think it is a great store
    I have always been pleased with the quality of service. and would be very happy if he continues to work.

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  28. William James

    Quick, fast and professional
    Quick, fast and professional service.
    The records package can be improve especially when shipping international.
    More stronger record stiffer (package) is a must.
    But overall service are great.

  29. Olivia Emma

    best price and customer support

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    Fast delivery and easy to use website

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  40. Harvey Donald

    These were great! Half the price of the penis envy and these actually worked. We felt great, laughed, had a good time and these are affordable for the high you get.

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  44. Ginna

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    Great shipping. arrived just when my first package I ordered got exhausted. third package coming soon. Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance

  54. Mila

    Very cooperative
    Order just arrived

  55. Sofia Avery

    Have been using them for years
    Have been using them for years, very satisfied.

  56. Luna

    Continuously happy

  57. Aiden Samuel

    Easy to order
    Easy to order, shipping dependent on economic conditions, easy to work with for supplies needed.

  58. Owen Theodore

    Always great business AAA+++

  59. Jack

    Reasonable prices and easy to use.

  60. Penelope

    Excellent service
    Excellent service. Easy website and simple to ship.

  61. David Whiyte

    Great prices and service.

  62. Aria Scarlett

    Would rate excellent if shipping was…
    Would rate excellent if shipping was faster. Otherwise good prices and good service

  63. Elizabeth Camila

    The only problem I have is the time it…
    The only problem I have is the time it takes the Post to get to Sydney Australia as most take 4 days .
    The service otherwise great.

    Regards Camila

  64. Fiona Skolsky

    How you can get wrong opinion!
    I had originally given a 1* review as item not reviewed. Within hours I had been contacted by the Team who had tracked my package. Unfortunately Post Person did not leave a “missed you “ note so I had no idea I needed to contact them. I was given a direct link to reschedule. I was also contacted the next day to apologize gain and offer free delivery with DPD on next order. Customer Service now has a 5* and I will be using them again

  65. Mirabel Kloss

    This is the best of Quaaludes i have ever had.
    You guys are just the best like you said.

  66. James Lane

    You deserve 10 stars even.
    I just received my package.
    It’s awesome.

  67. Andrew Morris

    What do you expect! ?
    1 – Exceptional Customer Service?
    2 – Great Prices?
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    4 – Questions answered quickly & efficiently?

    Then look no further! I have been using “Ketamine Guru” for over two years now and can hand on heart say that they are the very best internet based company I have ever dealt with! They fulfill ALL my expectations on service, prices and delivery and are always happy to speak with me if I have a query regarding medication. So it’s with confidence that I say if you try them you will not be disappointed! – 5 Star service

  68. Paul Williams

    Had a good experience when I went for purchasing medicine.

    Good product knowledge, humble, respect the customers.

    Appreciate the service

  69. Mr James Curlett

    Had a better experience in purchasing medicines with home delivery option, with discount.

    Well maintained staffs.

    Appreciate the service

  70. Amanda-Rose McKimmie

    I am ordering medicines regularly and getting prompt service. Availability is good.

    Happy with purchase.

  71. Amanda Styles

    Trusted as Alway
    The service is super fast, reliable and trustworthy. Received exactly what I ordered. Keamine Guru is always my first priority to order medicines online whenever I need it. Highly recommended.

  72. Mr Cornwell

    Easy to order,
    I have placed repeated orders from ketamine guru. Each order has been hassle-free and delivered quickly and hassle free.
    I would recommend this company to everyone.

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